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Please be sure that by using this website you are confessing that you agree with our terms and conditions. The terms and conditions of our website are discussed below, however if you have any issue with these or you do not agree with these points then you are not allowed to use this website. To make use of this website you are required to make sure that you are of legal age as the use of this website by an underage person is restricted. Therefore, to avail the services available at this site it is necessary that you must have attained the legal age. By submitting any order and making payment, you have shown that you have agreed to our terms and conditions and now you are bound to follow these terms and conditions to stay in an agreement with us.

Connotation of Terms Used

In this document the meanings of some of the terms used are listed below

'Website' means www.getwriterhelp.com

'Company','our' and'we' means www.getwriterhelp.com

'Customer','your' and'you' means any person who is placing order or any other person placing an order on your behalf.

Product Use

The products provided by us must not be used beyond the limitations of international copyrights, as the products provided by us are only available for specific and particular purposes such as reference and research. It is not at all our responsibility if you fail to learn the material provided in the assignment. You should be fully aware of the fact that our papers are only intended to help you out in writing our assignment paper. No misuse of it is allowed and we are not responsible for any type of misuse of it. We are guaranteeing the standard of research as well as the writing standards to our clients, we are not responsible for any type of bad results as we do not provide any guarantee regarding the results. Moreover, we deliver all the orders on the deadline. However, if an order is made during the weekend on a short deadline, the order will be delivered in the weekdays.

Sources of Materials

We have the right to use material available on internet, books, or newspapers as well as extract them from interviews or case studies for completing your written assignment. However, if you want us to use any specific sources then you are required to provide it to us within relevant time otherwise; we won't be responsible for being late in submitting your assignment. Moreover, it is your responsibility to access relevant sources so that you can easily send us the specific material you want us to use.

Condition of Payment

When you place an order to us, it portrays that you have gone through our terms and conditions and accepted the points specified in it. For your payments, we allow transactions through credit cards or PayPal. In case of credit card, we totally follow the rules made by law in this regard and the unauthorized use of credit card is considered as crime. To avoid such type of issues, we cooperate with authorized government agencies.


We know that at times such type of situation arises in which it becomes necessary to cancel the order. Therefore, under such type of situations we offer the facility of refunds to our clients. We assure you to give full refunds if you are not satisfied with the order provided to you. However, in case of cancellation of orders, funds would reverse to the account of initial payment. You should be fully aware of the fact that deviation in deadline due to some of the serious issues is not at all subject to refunds.

Plagiarism free

You must be fully aware of the fact that we provide with completely plagiarism free assignments to our clients. You must also be aware that you are not allowed to pass any assignment provided by Get Writer Help to any other third party in any way for any sort of purpose. However, if we find that the product delivered by us has been used in the form of plagiarism then in such case we have the right to refuse to work with you. We are very much concerned about the copyright laws and do not plagiarize knowingly.


We consider it as our responsibility to revise your order if you are not satisfied with it. We are giving you the facility of requesting as many revisions as you like but they should be relevant. We will match the instructions provided by you at the time of order and if we find that you are providing some new instructions then we will consider it, as a new work not a revision and you will be required to make additional payment.

Service Disclaimer

Students agree that the research and writing services provided on the website will be used for reference purpose only. The service aims at providing a sample or a model paper so as to guide the students. Students must read and edit the document accordingly and shouldn't be passed off to the university directly as being written by the student.

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