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Assignment of "Treasure Hunt" by Byron Spicer

The title of the painting is“Treasure Hunt” and it is done by artist Byron Spicer. This artwork is done in square shape frame and contains different images; total numbers of images are hundred. In first glance painting gives a look of scattered piece of work but actually this artwork presents journey to treasure hunting. By using different visions to present a single concept this artwork shows the freedom of imagination. The presence of multiple images in the paining represent different conceptualization which is compiled together to make a sense of creativity. An important element found in the painting is overwhelming mystery present in the painting. The work done is purely based on imagination and portrays visions and association with the reality. It is painted in acrylic paint but at some place pencil and other drawing media are used to show some reality. There are variety of colors and styles used in the painting and these are used with varieties of lines such as thin, straight, curvy and jagged lines. Painting presents different values with range of tones from dark to light which gives a dreamy vision. At some place there is a strong sense of light in the image with the combination of harsh and soft light but soft light is dominant in all. Mostly shapes drawn represent organic shapes and are round and curvy. However, there are different shapes but non-geometric shapes or organic shapes are the principle shape used widely in the painting such as objects and human shape. Artist has used deep sense of space throughout the work by positioning the objects on the picture while using less linear perspective and atmospheric perspective which shows a sense of freedom even in artwork. The texture of the painting is an illusion of texture within the image however, at some point there is actual texture of painting within the images. Acquire assignment help online


The most emphasize is on the dark colors which are used in variety with bright shades to enhance the shapes. Besides colors, objectivity is dominant that means whole painting is made as object base with well defined shapes. Most of the images are creatively imaginative and enhanced with lines and shadows. The color contrast is used in its best way that every shape and color distinguishes other color and object. Background colors are mostly used with the combination of light and dark shades which gives prominence to the actual images of the painting. The texture contrast is solid and done with light and strong shades. The whole painting is done in unrepetitive pattern and rhythm due to which there is lack of unity in element creation of visuals. Since overall work is based on imaginary visuals it forms a strong visual elements and visual rhythm. However, the imaginary visual elements present a pattern but they do not show a rhythm in projection of concept. There is variety in visuals elements that create interest such as different values, different shapes and textures which contribute to a sense of unity. A unique positioning of visual elements has created a pattern that contributes to the sense of visual movement. In spite of the diverse shapes and textures the visual weight present on one side of the image is about the same as the other. Overall work is asymmetrical and unsatisfactory in parts yet pleasing as a whole.


Review posted and now it's pending for approval!Review posted and now it's pending for approval!

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